Partner with Opal

Opal Autism Centers is excited to partner with you to provide support for pediatric patients needing ABA Therapy. Our team of compassionate and experienced intake specialists will walk parents through the intake process and answer any questions along the way.

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Faster Access to Care

The research has established that early intervention is a critical component for producing positive outcomes for children with Autism. Partnering with us means that your families receive services faster and with less stress throughout the process. We take timely access to care seriously.

Reimbursement Navigation

Understanding insurance plans and benefits can be confusing, especially when it comes to behavioral health. We work directly with insurance companies to verify benefits and ensure that there are no surprises for your families.


What is your process for children to receive services?

How can I stay updated on my patient's continued progress in your care?

Is it possible to speak with someone to learn more about Opal's team and services?

What to expect after making a referral

Once your referral is received, our intake specialist will reach out to your patient within 24 hours to collect their insurance information and discuss with them what to expect for next steps.

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