Care Focused on Outcomes

We collaborate with families and other providers to provide all-inclusive individualized care with compassion and purpose. We help each child meet new milestones and have meaningful outcomes.

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Care Focused on Individuality

Opal Autism Centers uses positive reinforcement and play to help keep children engaged and having fun while providing high-quality evidence-based ABA therapy to young learners.

We recognize and appreciate that each learner has their own unique personality. We don’t want to change that. We aim to expand on clients’ interests and preferences, while teaching them important skills that will help them navigate daily life, communicate and interact with the world, and improve their quality of life.

You get a TEAM

The programs and goals that your child will be working on during ABA will be customized to your child’s interests and needs. An experienced Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will evaluate the needs of your family and your child and design a program specifically for your child.

A Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) will work with your child providing individualized direct 1:1 therapy each day based on these goals. The RBT will collect data on goals that are implemented. The BCBA will continue to provide supervision to the RBTs and measure and monitor your child’s progress and modify programs as needed to best support your child.

Our BCBAs will work closely with your family to provide guidance, training, and education. Your input and feedback on your child’s and your family’s goals are valued and important to us! If needed and desired, BCBAs will collaborate with family and other professionals to provide a strong support system.

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Let's Get Started, Our Process is Easy

  • Support is one click away

    Complete the form and one of our intake specialists will get back with you right away, typically same day.

  • Our process is transparent

    We'll take your information, check your insurance, and keep you updated as we navigate insurance on your behalf to get your child into services.

  • Speed to services is a priority

    We begin planning and matching your child with a clinical team early in the process, so your child can start receiving services more quickly.

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