Compassionate, Caring and Collaborative

Opal Autism Centers is proud to partner with you as you find the right supports for your child with Autism. Our clinicians are passionate about the care we provide and the impact we have on each child's life and in the community we are serving.

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Early Intervention Therapy

At Opal Autism Centers, we know how important early intervention is to your child's future. We seek to change the trajectory of their life by intervening early and setting them up for success as they enter their school career. We have a highly trained team who specializes in providing the right supports to young children.

Our Promise to You

  • In-Center Therapy

    Our fun, inviting, and bright centers are set up to spark imagination and create an environment where children feel safe and learning is fun.

  • Waitlists are not our thing

    We know this is life changing therapy. You know this is life changing therapy. We don't believe in putting children on waiting lists with indeterminate timeframes.

  • Experienced Clinicians

    Our expert advisors and clinicians have advanced training in child behavioral therapies for autism, ADHD, anxiety, and more.

Transformational Outcomes

Our early intervention program is structured to ensure your child is prepared for and able to access the school curriculum. Our clinic environments mimic a traditional pre-school or kindergarten setting to ensure your child receives the same environmental experiences as their peers. In addition, our programs provide individualized attention and planning for each child.

How it Works

Let's get started. Our process is easy.

  • Support is one click away.

    Complete the form and one of our intake specialists will get back with you right away, typically same day.

  • Our process is transparent.

    We'll take your information, check your insurance, and keep you updated as we navigate insurance on your behalf to get your child into services.

  • Speed to services is a priority.

    We begin planning and matching your child with a clinical team early in the process, so you child can start receiving services more quickly.

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We’re Building a Bright Future for Every Child

We believe in excellence and compassion. Excellence in our knowledge and understanding of ABA and it's application. Compassion in our day to day interactions with each other and the children and families we serve. The result is an incredible experience for kids and parents alike.

Meet the Team

Service Locations

Current Locations

  • Pinehurst, NC
  • Fayetteville, NC
  • Boise, ID
  • Charlotte, NC
    Wilmington, NC
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We are excited to be on your child's team!

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